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Spirit Cafe

Soul Detox

Spirit Café 

Soul Detox

Do you find yourself affected by any of the following issues?

  • Fear & anxiety

  • Trust

  • Worry about money

  • Getting angry easily

  • Difficulty sharing my feelings or showing affection to others

  • Guilt and shame

  • Addictive personality traits

  • Finding excuses to avoid social situations

  • Difficulty receiving compliments

  • Awkwardness and difficulty making friends.

  • Re-visiting past issues frequently

  • Struggling to forgive others or myself

  • Feeling unwanted

  • Frequent bouts of depression 


If you can identify with any of these points, then you will benefit from this evening.


The negative experiences and traumas of life can leave us wounded, afraid, angry, emotionally distant, and even physically ill.


They can leave us with toxins in our soul that create negative patterns of behaviour, causing us to believe lies about ourselves, about others, and even who God really is.  


This is an opportunity for us to set aside time to embrace healing and restoration of the soul. This involves forgiveness for those who have hurt us along with allowing God's love to begin to heal these places in our hearts that have been wounded by life's painful experiences.


This restoration process is a journey that we all must walk if we want to become who we were created to be. 

These sessions take the form of an evening of ministry.  Participants will be led through specific prayers, and we will all do this together. 


We will be using Bethel Sozo and other tools, to address and deal with many common and familiar issues. 

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