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Spirit cafe Training

Interested in RUNNING 

your own

Spirit Cafe™?

By now you might be thinking "OK, where's the catch"?


The answer is straightforward: there isn't one!


We want to make it as easy as possible for you to have a Spirit Cafe in your own community, but there are a few things that we ask you to sign up to so that we can maintain the quality of what we are doing all together, and should not prove to be an obstacle to anyone.

1. Using the Spirit Cafe™ Trademark.

The Spirit Cafe™ name, with and without an accent, is a registered Trade Mark. Please don't use it unless you have permission to do so. Please contact us HERE for more information about this and anything else connected with training.

2. The Spirit Cafe™ must be run exclusively by Spirit-filled, born again Christians who operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and who have an expectation that God wants to encounter people with His love, mercy, grace and power.

3. ALL treatments must be offered FREE OF CHARGE and advertised as such.

4. Spirit Cafe ™ Training presented by a representative(s) from Harvest Ministries  must be attended at the very least by the Team Leaders of your intended Spirit Cafe™. Attending a training event, or having one in your locality, gives you the best platform from which to launch. To request a visit from our Training Team please click HERE.

5. The Spirit Cafe™ Menu should not deviate from the wording used in the menu example found in the Spirit Cafe™ Training Workbook, except to subtract treatments if the team is not available. This usually applies to Dream Interpretation if no team member is qualified. Anyone wanting menu graphics is welcome to request them from Harvest Ministries.

6. Members of the public who have Treatments must be given the opportunity, depending on what took place during the Treatment to:

  • Respond to the Holy Spirit

  • Invite Jesus into their lives

  • Pray a "salvation prayer"

  • Ask Jesus to cleanse and forgive them

7. Read the Training Manual and revise the scripts as often as possible with particular emphasis on the "Closers". 

ok - wHAT next?

If you think this might be for you and your church community why not contact us to ask for more information, or just to have a chat about it?

Alternatively, why not come along to one of our Online Training Events, where you can hear more and have the opportunity to ask questions? 


These are held in English but in some instances are translated into other languages depending on which country is hosting the event.

Please use the buttons below to find our more and to get in touch

We look forward to hearing from you

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