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Spirit Cafe


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Can't get to a Spirit Cafe because of the Lockdown?


Would you like a Spiritual Reading, a Dream Interpretation or one of the other Treatments on offer but can't make it to your local Spirit Cafe or there isn't one near you?  


Then click here to find out when we are holding our next  Spirit Cafe Online

As always we rely on the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of God) as our source.

If you are requesting a Spiritual Reading, it is not necessary to tell us anything about your situation,and your word will likely be more meaningful to you if you don't give us any clues.

When you are ready please click here and book your session.

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If you are asking for a dream interpretation, here are a few of the types of things that might be important to write down:  

*   Time of day the dream took place - was it daytime or night time?

*   Any colours that really stood out in the dream

*   Is this a recurring dream? If so, how many times have you had it?

*   Any first impressions or feelings the dream gave you. How did you feel about it when you woke up?

*   If you see a person in your dream please include their name (if known)

*   Any thing, person, or place that somehow seemed important or significant in the dream

When you are ready, click here to sign up for the next Spirit Cafe Online.

And remember: there is no charge for any of the online Treatments

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